Malta Beekeepers Association

The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams 
 - Henry David Thoreau - 

Authorised Producer Mark

The Authorised Producer Mark is the first mark of its sort in Malta by the Malta Beekeepers’ Association. This initiative will address the need to verify that the honey locally sold bearing this mark is really Maltese and Pure. The aims are threefold:

  1. Further appreciation to beekeepers who genuinely make pure Maltese honey available;
  2. Consumer assurance of authenticity of product, and
  3. Establishing the association as a point of reference for everyone.

The controls are done at various points before, during, and after honey production. The beekeepers whose jars bear this unique mark, bind themselves with a Confidential Disclosure Agreement to be subject for the various controls. On recommendation of APIMONDIA and the University of Malta, vigorous quality and authenticity testing is expected to be carried out at independent and internationally recognised accredited laboratories. The frequency of the testing will be in proportion to the quantity of unique marks distributed following a mixture of random and risk samples.